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Remember those GIFs I posted in February of MuscularTitan playing with his mesmerizing pecs in a ripped mesh shirt?

Well, that mesh shirt is back and doing what it was made (and ripped) for. Teasing us with that phenomenal pec cleavage.

Pectease MuscularTitan tugging at mesh tank top

Pectease MuscularTitan bouncing one pec in mesh tank top

Pectease MuscularTitan mesh ripped tank top pec bounce

Pectease MuscularTitan ripped mesh tank top massage pec

Pectease MuscularTitan pec juggling extreme cleavage in ripped mesh tank top

You may notice that there are a lot fewer GIFs than I usually put of him in a set.








That’s because this time, there’s a video to go with these GIFs. Ladies and gents, enjoy five minutes of bouncing, rubbing, juggling, but most importantly, teasing! You all deserve it! ūüėć

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