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All of you on the muscle-loving side of Pectease probably know who Alexey Lesukov is. If you don’t, he’s a Russian pro-bodybuilder who’s placed first in multiple competitions dating back to 20o6. But as far as you’re concerned, all that matters is if he’s got some muscly man cleavage, right?

Three months ago, I was trying to make a post centered on a short scene of Alexey doing leg presses in a sexy-as-fuck scoop neck top that had been circling the net, but the scene was a little too short to get a lot of good GIFs from. Didn’t mean I couldn’t get something hot enough for a tweet however.

You know what, though? This baby-faced beast still has a place on Pectease, so instead of just focusing on the one video, I’m gonna post every quality pic and video I can find of him in that shirt. Starting with:

Alexey Lesukov and Dmitry Lappalaynen in low cut scoop top and chain

— with Dmitry Lappalaynen

And this one! Damn, don’t you just want to make yourself at home in that hairy muscle cleavage and never leave? And you’ve probably noticed that in all of these, Alexey’s got on some kind of necklace or chain that hangs all the way down to the middle of his pecs.

Alexey Lesukov low cut scoop neck hairy chest with chain

Even he must enjoy the view of those massive mounds popping out of that shirt. Or he at least thinks that his audience would enjoy it. 😏 Otherwise,there’s no excuse for this scene to have been shot from this angle!

Alexey Lesukov preparing to do leg pressesAlexey Lesukov doing some heavy breathing post-pressAlexey Lesukov done with leg presses

And color me wrong about being unable to get good shots. Especially these:

Alexey Lesukov doing leg presses in sexy shirtAlexey Lesukov laying back great view of cleavage

Alexey Lesukov heavy breathing heavy cleavage

Let’s get a closeup of that last shot and slow it down, shall we?

Alexey Lesukov cleavage shot slowed down

Anyone else dying to get someone like MuscularTitan or Phillip Zwoll in this top?

And the video that started it all:

If any of you find anything else of him in this scoop-neck, send it over, please!

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