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A few years ago,  this article came out on The Bold Italic called The Dos, the Don’ts and the “Oh God, Please Don’ts” of Men’s Fashion.

Here is what the author had to say about shirts (cute model she picked out, by the way):

Jessica Saia's Dos Don't Men's Fashion man in crew and V-neck

Hmm, the last one could be a problem, though, as I’ve written before, it wouldn’t be one for me personally. But the middle one? She’s got a right to her opinion for sure, but to me, the V is not deep enough to qualify as a fashion faux-paus.

Here is how Pectease would rate these tops:

Do Dont's Please Dont's of Men's Fashion fixed

As you can see, the middle and bottom pic’s ratings were swapped. Much as I’m loving that navel-deep V, something about the other one appeals to me more.

Hell, to be honest, I think that even the model and photographer might agree with my revision. Why? Scroll back up and note which of these pictures is the only one the model is smiling in. 😀

I do agree with her on jorts, though. Very happy to see people out there who like men show off their legs.

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