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I can’t believe it’s been so freaking long since I’ve made a post on the teaserrific Michael Fitt—nearly seven months!  To make up for that slip up, I decided to make a GIF set of Michael flaunting that ever-impressive man cleavage he’s so famous for.

Liking the jacket…

Pectease - Michael Fitt sitting up in jacket Pectease - Michael Fitt in jacket standing up

Yeah, it looks great on him, but it would look better off.

Pectease - Michael Fitt standing up in jacket Pectease - Michael Fitt taking off jacket

That button-down shirt is a little constricting around the chest, eh?

Pectease - Michael Fitt touching pecs through shirt

He should undo a button or two to give those babies some breathing room. There we go…

Pectease - Michael Fitt unbuttoning shirt to show man cleavage Pectease - Michael Fitt showing more man cleavage tracing valley Pectease - Michael Fitt playing with collar of shirt showing pec cleavage

Now that is some first-rate man cleavage! (And he knows it, too.) Maybe another button? Yeah!

Pectease - Michael Fitt beginning to loosen shirt morePectease - Michael Fitt opening shirt more

Teasing standing up is a little exhausting, so he needs to sit back down.

Pectease - Michael Fitt flaunting pecs and sitting down Pectease - Michael Fitt sitting down opening shirt

I love when guys trace along the valley of their chests like this… ! Drives me nuts.

Pectease - Michael Fitt tracing pec cleavage seductively

Now for a little pec messaging. His pecs must be really pumped. Notice the brief “afterimage” of sorts on his chest showing where his fingers had just been? Almost like a sexy sunburn.

Pectease - Michael Fitt rubbing chest Pectease - Michael Fitt more pec rubbing

That’s it for now. I’ll make sure the gap between this entry and the next one is smaller. And maybe his pecs will be bigger. 😉

Pectease - Michael Fitt opening shirt more flexing pecs