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A couple of years ago, Hot Fighter Raul released a video called Release the Pecs for sale on his site Extreme Flexing. In it, Raul slowly strips out of a tight denim waistcoat that fits really snugly around his pectorals. And trust, it’s every bit as hot as the teaser suggests, especially if you’re a fan of pecteasing.

Unlike when I shared a preview of Raul’s Ultimate Pec Tease video, where I was judging its hotness just from the preview, I actually bought Release The Pecs, so I can vouch for it from 100% experience.

Here are some GIFs as proof.

Looking good, man.

Hot Fighter Raul tight waistcoat standing up

You must feel good, too…

Hot Fighter Raul rubbing pecs

Hot Fighter Raul rubbing pecs inside waistcoat

You always had some nice man cleavage, Raul. Wish we could see a little more of it.

Hot Fighter Raul showing cleavage

(Also, dare any of you to say something about that bird in the background. It’s adorable! ❤)

Hot Fighter Raul adjusting waistcoat for more cleavage

Thanks! Raul, always willing to go the extra mile to please and tease.

Hot Fighter Raul showing off adjusted collar

You want us to come closer? Gladly!

Hot Fighter Raul motions to come closer

Yes, there we go…

Hot Fighter Raul lowers camera

Hot Fighter Raul closeup rubbing pecs in waistcoat

Now back to the cleave! Time to make some further adjustments.

Hot Fighter Raul adjusting collar of waistcoat again

(Oh my god oh my god oh my GOD!)

Hot Fighter Raul oh my god so much cleavage

HOT! Man, that jacket is really tight around the chest, isn’t it? It looks a little uncomfortable. It’s not worth looking sexy if you can barely breathe, right? Comfort over style any day.

Hot Fighter Raul suepr tight cleavage display in waistcoat

Maybe undo a button or two?

Hot Fighter Raul undoing second button


Hot Fighter Raul second button undone


Hot Fighter Raul showing more skin unbuttoned more

Hey-hey, let’s not go overboard.

Hot Fighter Raul teasing

Well, a tiny bit more skin is okay. It’s still a tease.

Hot Fighter Raul showing off cleavage in waistcoat

Yeah that’s perfe— wait-wait-wait, oh, snap!

Hot Fighter Raul relased the pecs

Well, now that the pecs have officially been released, it’s no longer a tease. But hey, it was fun while it lasted.

That’s only about half the video, by the way. For the entire thing, the link is this way. 😉