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So I was logged into Tumblr checking out one of my favorite muscle blogs, Mikey’s Muscle Fantasies, when I had to just stop and admire THIS!

Jod Lindner deep V-neck close up


Jo Lindner deep deep cleavage deep V-neck during workout

And of course THIS!

Jo Lindner shiny pec cleavage post workout in deep V

You know I had to figure out who this chest crest belonged to. Mikey’s post didn’t ID the guy, nor did the original post. But luckily Google Images came to the rescue and led me to the Instagram page of German fitness trainer Jo Lindner. What a man!

Excuse the redundancy, but gonna share the first pic again:

Jod Lindner deep V-neck close up again

Damn! Wouldn’t it have been great if he had put the earphone cable between his pecs like that Austin guy who was posted way back?

What’s with German(ic) guys and man cleavage anyway? There’s Phillip Zwoll, Philipp Berger, Jo… you can even tell he cut the V himself. Whatever the deal is, I’m lovin’ it!

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