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This right here is a Pectease classic– German bodybuilder David “The Hoff” Hoffmann training chest two weeks out of the 2014 German Nationals.

He starts off fully clothed in a bulky black top, seen below.

David Hoffman chest workout fully clothes

Thankfully, a few minutes in, David decides to get a little more comfortable and slips into an extremely snug and revealing tank top.

YOWZA! Would you look at that? David is “brust”-ing out just like fellow Deutscher Philipp Berger.

Rock-hard nipples and rock-hard pecs so big and pumped that he’s got some visible striation even without flexing.  It’s like his cleavage has cleavage. 💖

David Hoffman deep pec cleavage damn!

This video has a lot of good views of David’s inner chest, whether he’s resting…

David Hoffman tank top about to do more sets

David Hoffman tank top pec cleavage pec bounce

David Hoffman - Chisel That Chest!

… or in the middle of an intense chest pump.

David Hoffmann chest pumpingDavid Hoffman finished cable flies

David Hoffmann cable flies angle tank top pecs

David Hoffman pec cable flies cleavage closeup

Even though this workout lasted over ten minutes, it still feels like it ended too soon.

David Hoffmann that's all folks

If you want to see the whole video, remember that the cleave starts at exactly 03:55.

By the way, no offense to Herr Hoffmann, but only David Hasselhoff gets to call himself “The Hoff”. 😉