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It’s time for another Megapost Monday, guys! Last Friday, The Best Flex shared one of their hottest video teasers ever! The video is  called:

Shirt Rip Muscle Worship CockyBoy alex title

Cocky Boy Alex is so handsome, isn’t he? You have gotta love that dimpled smile, as well as how he looks in this sweater.

Cockyboy The Best Flex in sweater

But he’s way too covered up for this blog. Time for the sweater to come off.

Best Flex CockyBoy taking off sweater

Yeah, that’s a little better. Just a little.

VovkyBoy removed sweater to reveal tight black shirt

You can tell he has a big beefy chest from how that black top clings to it. But the neck is too high to really tell.

CockyBoy Alex flexing his biceps in a tight black top

Luckily, Alex feels the same way and wants to fix that. And the only way to fix it is to rip it!

CockyBoy Alex ripping his top to reveal his pec cleavageCockyBoy Alex starting to rip his shirt

CockyBoy Alex continuing to rip his shirt

Yes! There we go! Some motorboat-ready muscle cleavage.

Those are the kinds of pecs a guy has to get his hands on! And it looks like one lucky guy did!

Now if this was your hand, I doubt Alex would need to guide it anywhere. But then again, it does show that he wants his chest to be adored, caressed, worshipped…

And squeezed, too!

Here is the preview — you’ll notice that Alex has a sexy deep voice, as well!

They really packed a lot in that one minute. If any of you bought the full video, is it as hot as the teaser makes it look? Asking for a friend. 😍