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Can you believe it’s already been a year since Pectease migrated off of Tumblr to its own server? There have been some growing pains big and small, like the outage that lasted most of February, but overall it’s been a successful transition.

So this last day of December, let’s take a look back and shine a light on some of the best pecteases of 2017 as we count down to the new year. What started out as a top five list became a top 10, then 12, and now 15. Any more than that and I’ll have to sell it as an eBook. 😫


Tristan’s Tease, Holiday Edition

Tristan Archer in a Santa cap and low-cut tank top

This teaseriffic display from Tristan Archer was just posted on Friday and it’s already near the top of my list. I hope he never stops wearing these sexy tank tops.



A Scoop Of Knutson

These submissions from Knutson were outstanding. No chubby guy wears a deep V-neck quite like him. Sadly, very few wear them at all. New Years Resolution : get more big handsome men in deep plunging tops.


Driving While Teasing: Fontesuma’s Revenge

Marvis Fontes driving while teasing again.

The Driving While Teasing series was a regular arms race between Landy Hernandez and Marvis Fontes. It was so hard to choose between the two of them, but ultimately I had to go with Marvis. He started the trend after all. A slight majority of you agreed, too, according to the poll. 😉


International Kissing Day ’17

International Kissing Day Pride SLC 2010 by Andy Filmore

A mutual cross-post with another blog I help run, Fuck Yeah, Dudes Kissing! These guys are so cute, and since one was wearing a deep V-neck, I couldn’t not share it for International Kissing Day.


Mystery Beef Unwrapped

Jay from Pecs Muscles Pecs is a well-oiled teasing machine. What a man! His beefy pillowy pecs and equally pillowy lips are always welcome on Pectease.


Turkish Moobs: A Turkish Delight

You can tell from this GIF alone that Turkish Moobs is dying to get motorboated. And me and a lot of you out there are dying to do it. This time of year is certainly perfect to find a soft hairy chest to cuddle up against…


MuscularTitan: Magnificent In Mesh

It was hard to choose just one Muscular Titan post. There’s the one of him in the V-neck, the one of him in the blue tank top, and the one that came with a Pectease-exclusive video. This one was chosen because I love reading about why Muscular Titan decided to rip that mesh tank. 😏


Phillip Zwoll: Big Hair, Big Tease

Phillip Zwoll has a lot of hot posts on here, but this one stood out from the rest, and it’s not because of his hair. Well, maybe a little bit.


Customized Cleavage Shirt

Yowza! The fact that this dude wanted to show off his cleavage so bad that he cut the middle of the shirt makes this pic even sexier than it already was. Hot-hot-hot!


Clear Blue Skywalker: Parts One / Two / Three

This was probably the first post that got really popular back on Tumblr; you’ve probably seen it all over the web and didn’t know where it came from. 😉 Oh, Skywalker, wherever you are, you and your tits are dearly missed.


Long John Micah

Micah Brandt in black long johns.

Now this was a great post. A huge post. Thick, juicy, possibly veiny— wait, going off track.  Pectease probably earned a few new readers from this post, thanks to  Mr. Micah Brandt himself retweeting it. Thanks again, Micah, if you’re reading!



MagicStripp, MagicStripp, MagicStripp! Crap, it worked in Beetlejuice… well, we’ll always have this post and the exclusive video he shot for the blog along with it in a custom-cut scoop neck shirt. Damn, damn, damn!


Once, Twice, Three Times A V-Neck

Sandy Peña in yellow black and green V-necks.

Which color V-neck does Sandy Peña look best in? Most of you thought black, but not by much. Me, I couldn’t decide. It really is the man who makes the clothes. Plus, he looks pretty decent in pink, too.


V-Neck Woes At

Like it says in the post, as much as this guy is protesting, his pecs were made for V-necks, and there’s no way he would have shared a picture like this if he did not feel the same way at least a little bit. 😉

Note to self: Troll the forums for more thirst traps.


Philipp Berger : “Brust”-ing Out

The last one I want to highlight is this Megapost Monday treasure featuring German personal trainer Philipp Berger.

Philipp Berger pointing out pumped pec cleavage

I’ve made hundreds of GIFs over the years (just go and see for yourself) and out of all of them, this has been my favorite set to work on yet. It’s just the sheer enthusiasm he has for his man cleavage. Hell, he made a whole video about how to build a chest that looks good in a low-cut T-shirt! Doesn’t that say it all?

I look forward to seeing more of him and his “T-Shirt Chest” in 2018. ❤



And there you have it! Alright, guys. It was a real pleasure delivering all of these sexy men these past 12 months, and I promise to keep the cleave coming.  Until next year!


Were there any posts you thought belonged in this list that were missing? Please feel free to comment below!


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