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You muscleholics who follow the blog must be familiar with photographer Pat Lee‘s work. If not, go ahead and check out his very sexy portfolio and you’ll notice some familiar faces and bodies (Heeeeeeeey, Raciel!).

I caught these two pics of bodybuilder Ryan Stanton on Pat’s Twitter page. Mr. Lee clearly has a thing for pecs and man cleavage, and knows how to capture both to perfection on camera. Excellent choice of Henley shirt. Ohhh, Ryan! 😍

Bodybuilder Ryan Stanton posing in a Henley, pulling the collar slightly. Taken by Pat Lee. Bodybuilder Ryan Stanton posing in a Henley, stretching it down to his abs Taken by Pat Lee.

After seeing his profile pic, Pat is not a bad-looking guy himself actually. Maybe he does some pecteasing of his own. 😉

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