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Dear Human Resources Director,

Attached below is a picture illustrating our proposed update to company dress code. The terms of this new policy will be as follows:

All shirts worn by male employees above the age of 21 are required to be unbuttoned to no less than two inches below the chest and no more than three inches above the waist. Additionally, all shirts must be open to a breadth measuring no smaller than eight inches, but nipple exposure is strictly prohibited.

The employee may choose to wear a tie, but it must be fully fastened and its width may not exceed that of the space between said employee’s cleavage.

Beedy guy suit and tie between pec cleavage

Employees who fail to meet these requirements risk facing heavy consequences, and repeated violations of dress code will be grounds for termination of employment.

After reviewing this, please respond promptly with any feedback or adjustments you have. This change will go into effect immediately upon your approval.

Thank you.



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