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Let’s pay another visit to the Bodybuilding.com forums. A poster made a thread calling for his “cleavage brahs” and calling out all guys who, in his own words, “don’t have enough cleavage to fit a decently large banana between your pecs and have it sit in there nice and firm while you’re wearing a tank top”. Nice imagery, there, by the way.

He was brave (and boastful) enough to include a shot of his cleavage in a tank top. Not bad! But then a few posts down comes this vision with the reply, “Dat ain’t a cleavage m8”. Even the OP was speechless after this. And all the other posters were floored, too.

Guy on BB.com forum flaunting cleavage in selfie

It’s a shame that he was the only cleavage brah who took the bait, but if you read the thread, you’ll see that no one had anything bad to say about this guy’s V-neck– a little different from the last mancleavage-focused thread that was spotlit on Pectease.

The most negativity going on was teasing the OP for not having enough cleavage to show off. Really, any amount of cleavage is enough to show off, but the neck of the tank top was too high for that. He should have replied to the V-neck guy with a V-neck pic of his own. 😏

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