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This was one of those teases you’ve already seen everywhere, including the Pectease Tumblr in its heyday.  It is a great shot after all. The wisps of grey in his beard —  which may be  a trick of the lighting — go well with the grey in his tank top. A tank top that’s pretty loose in the front, designed for guys like us to look down it.

Even after posting it and reblogging it multiple times, readers would still regularly submit it , which speaks to the effect it had on people like nothing else can.

Pedro Augusto showing hairy pecs from seductive viewpoint in grey tank top.

Now what you probably hadn’t seen before but wanted to was an ID on this stud. You’re in luck now; that hairy chest, full beard, and full lips all belong to Brazilian Instagrammer Pedro Augusto. If you check his profile, you’ll see that this bit of sexiness was not a fluke. 😍


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