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The Best Flex recently unleashed another sexy video featuring Cocky Boy Alex. The teaser from an earlier release, Shirt Rip Muscle Worship was featured on Pectease last November  and ended up being a smash hit. That post must have gotten TBF’s notice, because … just look at the title. See anything familiar?

Pectease - The Best Flex - Pec Tease Muscle Worship title

But back to what really matters here. Alex starts off the teaser in a tight purple shirt that’s already got a couple of buttons undone, and he says in his charming accent:

“Hey, guys. I trained chest today really hard, and I pumped it like crazy.”

You can tell, too. Those pecs are dying to come out. Look at how they bounce even through the shirt.

And Alex is equally dying to show them off. But he wants to start small. Just the tiniest tease of chest.

“Look at that upper pec over there,” he says. “Pretty big and pumped.” No doubt it is. it’s almost up to his chin!

Alex revealing upper pec seductively

Very, very sexy, Alex.

And now Alex wants to show a little more skin, undoing another button to reveal some of his delicious-looking right pec. Damn!

And next he decides to open up just a little more so we can get a nice view of both pecs. He’s enjoying the sight of his cleavage, too, clearly.


All this teasing is getting to be too much for Alex. He needs someone’s hands on them. His own will do for now.

But from the way he sucks in his bottom lip and stares at the camera so intensely, it’s obvious that he would much prefer yours.

Luckily for him and us, another set of hands does enter the picture… but by then, the shirt is off and the “pec tease” part of the video is over. See the rest of the teaser for the “worship” part and enjoy in whatever way you see fit. 😏

What's Your Favorite of Cockyboy Alex's Appearances on Pectease?

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