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Who’s Thirsty For Mike Thurston?

Mike Thurston: 'The Return Of Prowler | HIIT & Back Training'

Today’s tease centers around a hot workout video with British fitness coach Mike Thurston. He’s got a fantastic build. And always a sucker for a British accent…

Handsome fella , too.

Mike Thurston handsome face and smileMike Thurston hands on hip in sexy tank top

Anyway, the video was for working out the back, but the outfit was for showing off the front. Great multitasking, Mike! Great multitasking and greater man cleavage!

Mike Thurston looking hot in a deep cut tank topMike Thurston looking proud of his forearms and his cleavage is even more impressive

We get so many great angles of his pecs slipping out every which way as he does his reps. I will never believe this wasn’t done on purpose.

Mike Thurston doing a sexy workout camera looking down his shirt

By the way — at the exact timestamp this shot below was taken, Mike’s training partner yells, “Yeess!” Let’s leave the reason why to our imaginations. 😏

Mike Thurston spilling out of tank top during back workout

Mike Thurston working out his back while showing off his chest in sexy tank top

There are even some eye-popping shots outside the gym like this one. Fuck fuck fuck fuck!

A sexy closeup of Mike Thurston's HUGE pec cleavage

Mike Thurston will undoubtedly end up on here again. The breadth and magnitude of his cleavage is just too overpowering to be a one-and-done.

And Mike agrees.

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