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We interrupt your regularly scheduled man cleavage for an important message.

Today marks the 500th post on Pectease since the migration from Tumblr to self-hosting at the beginning of last year. It’s time to take this blog to the next level, so look forward to some changes, both big and small, over the next couple of months.

The biggest change is going to be:

A new look. The current theme that Pectease has been using for the past year is nice — viewing posts fullscreen is awesome, no doubt! But overall the cons outweigh the pros. For one thing, it can be frustrating needing to scroll all the way to the bottom to view tags and find older posts like those Skywalker00 or Muscular Titan GIFs you guys are still so crazy about even years later. 😉

Also, quite a lot of potential posts have ended up on the cutting room floor because the pictures just don’t look good on any screen larger than a tablet.

The new theme is going to be more traditional, more desktop-friendly : smaller post blocks, sidebars, quicker navigation, easier-to-read text, and some other nifty features that haven’t been on any version of Pectease before.

Once the new theme is launched, these changes are sure to follow:

Special posts. Primarily to break up the standard caption-and-one-or-two-pic format the blog has evolved into. So, more pecteasing GIFs and screencaps from TV shows, and movies, more lists like last year’s Fave 15 of 2017, themed posts like Black Furday or Can A V-Neck Be Too Deep?, and something brand new — interviews to shine the spotlight on some of Pectease’s readers and contributors.

More opportunities for reader interaction. Things like more polls, maybe another attempt at a rating/like system, and some tweaks to the current commenting system.

A different approach to social media. Different how? That still needs to be figured out, and I’m open to ideas.

If you have any additional ideas or want to be part of these upcoming changes, feel free to comment below or use the contact form.

In the meantime, stay teased tuned!

Cockyboy Alex stretching V-neck and a closeup


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