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It’s been a long since Pectease has featured any movie teases. Well, I got a recommendation from a reader to watch a 2015 movie called Ex-Machina for one particular scene. You know the one. And if you don’t — here:

If you’ve seen this, you were probably never more grateful for token comic relief in an otherwise super-serious film when Oscar Isaac came strutting in the room like so.

There is no reason for his character Nathan to be parading around showing so much cleavage. He could have gone shirtless for this scene and it wouldn’t have made the tiniest difference. But thankfully he didn’t, because… yow!

The only bad thing is that all the really good shots of his chest happen after he hits the lights.

And as soon as we get back to natural lighting, the hoodie is fully undone. 😒  But it’s a sexy man showing off his sexy body and sexy dance moves — red tint or not, who’s complaining?

Did you notice his pecs jiggling as he thrusts his arms forward?

Ex-Machine was a pretty good flick — even without this scene it’s worth a watch. Just don’t spoil the ending!

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