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Welshy unleashed a really sexy video on his Youtube channel  recently. He wanted to see if three old shirts (which were already tight) still fit him after packing on 13 kgs of mass.

The first two shirts he tried on were pretty sexy in themselves…

Welshy's first two tight shirts

But the third one is a tight as hell blue hoodie with a low chest-flaunting neckline … woof! Let’s see him get it on!

Welshy thought that the first shirt was uncomfortable around the arms and upper body, while the second was just plain not comfy. Fair enough.

But he didn’t have anything particularly negative to say about this one. You probably know at least one reason why, too. 😉 (The other reason may be that he just likes blue hoodies.)

Welshy trying out tight blue hoodie making a smoldering look

His exact words — “I think my chest looks pretty good in this one.” Understatement of the century!

And what else did he have to say? “This one’s actually not too bad. This would be like baking them.” 

“If I was in this, could you imagine?” No need to imagine… oh god, he’s stretching it out…

Welshy trying out hoodie stretching neck

“Free drinks though. I’d go just like that and like, ‘Hey’, in a gay bar.” It would work like a charm!

“Or any kind of bar because they’d either just feel sorry for me or turned on.”

Turned on, no doubt. They probably wouldn’t feel sorry for him per se; more likely for themselves because they’d only get to look and not touch.

If you want to see how he looked in the other shirts or just hear Welshy’s sexy accent, here’s the full video:



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