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About Pectease

Bring On The Man Cleavage!

Men and women are not different when it comes to wanting to feel attractive,  including in how they dress. Yet for a lot of reasons that would take ages to explain, men don’t feel comfortable expressing this side of themselves. Those that do are often told again and again how ridiculous they look for showing even the tiniest bit of skin. Especially for showing -gasp- man cleavage! The vanity, the arrogance, the shame!

And that’s where Pectease comes in. Man cleavage is the one and only focus of this blog, whether it be: a pullover with its placard buttoned all the way down, a deep V-neck shirt, or a wife beater with a neck cut very, very low, much like the three men in my header.

I won’t pretend that I can change this perception of how men should dress, but I do hope some of you guys out there will come to feel that it’s OK to want to feel sexy and show a little skin… or at least some peek-a-pec action.

Even though the name Pectease might make this seem like a muscle/fitness page, I actually post a variety of men because I don’t want to encourage the mentality that only one type of man is sexy. Besides, all men have pectoral muscles anyway…

If you’re wondering what happened to the Pectease Tumblr, the short answer is that Tumblr has been giving my and other adult blogs a lot of problems, so it’s been wiped. Read this post if you want the long answer.

Now get out of here and check out a post or two! For anything else you may be curious about, just contact me.