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About Pectease

Bring On The Man Cleavage!

Half erotica, half fashion, and all sexiness, the one and only focus of Pectease is man cleavage. Whether it be: a pullover with its placard buttoned all the way down, a deep V-neck shirt, or a wife beater with a neck cut very, very low, much like the three men in my header.

Even though the name Pectease might imply a muscle worship or fitness page, I actually post a variety of men because I don’t want to encourage the mentality that only one type of men is sexy. Like the description says: “Men of all sizes, shapes, and hairiness welcome!

If you’re wondering what happened to the Pectease Tumblr: the short answer is that Tumblr has been giving my and other adult blogs a lot of problems, so it’s been wiped. Read this post if you want the long answer.

Now get out of here and check out a post or two! For anything else you may be curious about, just use the contact form.

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